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Parent Orientation 2021

Thank you to all of you who attended the Zoom session on 28th October. We were very excited to meet you all, even if it was not how we would normally do it! We hope you found the session helpful. 

For those who could not attend we are looking forward to getting to know you and your children over the coming weeks and months.

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Questions & Answers

Thank you all for the questions you asked on the night. We hope we managed to answer everything. Below we have captured those queries.

If you cannot see what you are looking for please click here for our full list of FAQ’s

Children are able to arrive from 8.30am.  They are cared for in the downstairs room until 9.00am, at which time we all group together.

No.  Unfortunately, due to our Covid-19 Guidelines, siblings are unable to attend.  A baby in a pouch under 12months of age is permitted.

The term dates are listed in the 2021 Parent Handbook (page 5).  Please refer to the link to PADLET.

Yes.  There is a sunscreen ‘station’ at the front gate.  It is the individual parent’s responsibility to apply sunscreen or not prior to entering.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we would recommend that this is done at home so as to reduce an added touch point at Pre-school.  The staff will reapply throughout the day as required.

Please ensure that to begin with you tell your child that they are attending 2 different places.  Ensure that you tell them (the night before or in the morning) where they are going that day.

No.  You are able to attend Orientation on any day that is convenient for you and your child.  You may not meet all the staff, as we have a mixture of full-time and part-time employees.

No.  Not at the moment.  The chickens are on an extended holiday.  During Covid lockdown, we moved them to a quiet and comfortable home.

Yes.  Please show your child the two containers that you use to put their Morning Tea and Lunch in.  It is important that the children are aware of what their containers look like, as they will be independently unpacking them and putting them away.  There are lots of other tips that we have included in the 2021 Parent Handbook.  Please refer particularly to pages 23-26.  Show your child the Handley video, talk to them about what to expect at Pre-school, visit our street between now and next year and borrow a book from our book library located in the driveway and show your child the photos from our slideshow.

The Pre-school closes at 4.00pm on Thursdays and Fridays.  All children must be collected by then.  The staff will be available to chat with you about their day at 3.45pm, which is the reason why we would like you to arrive by then.  From 4.00pm the staff are preparing the rooms and learning areas for the next day.

Many families need to collect their younger child first so that they can then join the car line at school.  The children independently pack their own bags prior to this time so that their belongings are together.  All children will be packed up and ready to go home from 2.30pm onwards.

Parking is at a premium during drop off and pick up times.  Please allow enough time to park your car and walk to Pre-school.  We also recommend that you walk through the laneways adjoining Bobbin Head Rd and Bannockburn Rd.  We recommend that you allow enough time at the beginning and end of the day for your child to be calm and unhurried.