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As part of the planning process for 2022, the Pymble Turramurra Pre-school Board of Management has been closely reviewing our financial situation including budgets, forecasts, and Government funding contributions.

In June 2021, the NSW State Government announced the Start Strong Free Pre-school program for 2022. The community expectation for free Pre-school was set and while the program provides the opportunity for families to be able to access two days of Pre-school education for free, it unfortunately comes at a considerable cost to PTP. The funding provided does not cover the operational costs of the Pre-school leaving a significant shortfall in the 2022 Pre-school budget.

Pymble Turramurra Pre-school will be opting INTO the Start Strong Free Pre-school Program on a term-by-term basis in 2022, with notice provided to families that if the decision to opt OUT of the program during the year is made, daily fees would need to be charged for all enrolled days.

The importance of the payment of the voluntary contributions cannot be underestimated in 2022. The voluntary Maintenance Levy will pay for budgeted essential services, safety, and maintenance as well as events covering:

  • utilities and essential services
  • maintenance of the building and grounds, including tree maintenance
  • consumables and cleaning materials
  • essential staff health and safety training- first aid, CPR, asthma and allergy training, child protection training and fire safety training
  • annual safety checks

The Board of Management remains committed to managing the Pre-school’s finances and resources carefully, and at the same time continuing to invest in quality education, ongoing safety, maintenance, and improved resources.

In light of funding contributions and other considerations, the Board has set the budget and the 2022 Fees and Levies are as follows:

  • 2 days of attendance will be free in 2022.
  • The Fee for a third day of attendance has been set at $60 (3 day group children).
  • The Maintenance Levy has been set at $200 per Term per family.
  • In the event that many families choose not to pay the voluntary Maintenance Levy we will need to opt OUT of the Free Pre-school funding model resulting in a daily fee of $67.50 for 2 day and $55 for 3 day with the Maintenance Levy remaining at $200 per family per term.

For example, a 2 day enrolment would rise from $800 per year to $5,535 per year (plus levies).

These fee amounts are based on the preliminary funding information we have been sent by the Department of Education so far.

The Department has made it clear that the amount we have been given to date is only as estimate.

If the eventual funding amount (which we were told today may not be sent until later in December) differs, the fee structure may need to be altered.

Invoices will be sent in late January with an expectation that they be paid by Week 2 of Term 1 2022 via Direct Debit. More information will follow in due course on how to pay your invoice.

The Board of Management and Pre-school Director, Melanie Leevers, will continue to advocate the issues and concerns regarding the impact the Start Strong Free Pre-school Funding Model has on PTP as a business in the hope that a review into the equity and viability of the program will occur.

We appreciate your support and understanding in regards to ensuring that Pymble Turramurra Pre-school remains solvent, now and for many more years to come.